FinanceEstonia’s New CEO is Krõõt Kilvet

FinanceEstonia, the financial sector representative organisation, has appointed Krõõt Kilvet as the new CEO.

FinanceEstonia, the financial sector representative organisation, has appointed Krõõt Kilvet as the new CEO. Kilvet will start at her new position on February 3 and take over management of FinanceEstonia from Mae Hansen, who held the position for nearly two years.

Kilvet’s strength is in her long-time experience in the financial sector and her comprehensive understanding of the public system. For 18 years, Kilvet worked at Hansa Bank and Swedbank in various management positions in the corporate banking and product development areas. Between 2012 and 2013, Kilvet was as a member of the Board at EAS responsible for business development and co-operation programs. Since 2013, Kilvet has been working on obtaining a doctorate from Tallinn University of Technology.

Kilvet is convinced that the synergy created through co-operation will affect the outcomes of economy and business. “FinanceEstonia unites a considerable number of Estonian financial companies and a number of activities that have been initiated today contributed to the development of the Estonian financial environment. I’m very glad to have the opportunity to join the team at FinanceEstonia,” says Kilvet.

FinanceEstonia has emerged as an important voice of the Estonian financial sector in both Estonian and foreign markets. As Estonia’s largest cluster with 62 companies and co-operative partners under one “roof” FinanceEstonia has a great way to contribute to the development of the financial sector in Estonia and improve visibility in foreign markets.

Chairman of the Board at FinanceEstonia, Aare Taamemäe, is pleased that the new CEO will be the financial sector’s top level expert Krõõt Kilvet, who has both private and public sector experience in the financial field. “Krõõt Kilvet has proven herself as a leader on several major projects at Swedbank and EAS. Together with Krõõt we look to further develop Estonian financial opportunities at home and abroad.”

By developing the Estonian financial sector and introducing international markets, FinanceEstonia upholds that new businesses will be brought to Estonia, new jobs would be created, and access to capital would be improved, especially for small and medium sized enterprises.