27. oktoober

09:00 — 17:00


XXIV Seed Forum

Dear Seed Forum friend and investor!

27th of October @ Swedbank – be there!

Start-up investment and innovation economy in Europe is at its peak. According to Estonian largest newspaper Äripäev,  two of the wealthiest individuals in Estonia are start-up founders. Amazing!

On the background  we see the crowdfunding platforms emerging and new funding means opening to founders. Amazing!

At Seed Forum we believe that alongside the technology it’s still mostly about founders understanding the mindset of an investor and we have been training another amazing patch of start-ups for this investor forum.

8 companies participated – Springella, Bikeep, Shipitwise, Ampler Bikes, Leansite, Käsitööturg, Dirica and Dream Apply. The highest level we’ve ever had so far! More than 70% of them have already raised money.

Some of them will present in Tallinn and in addition there will be companies from Norway and Finland.

Already 11 years in Estonia and Seed Forum  always bring fresh blood and surprises. This time we see that there is opportunity for private investors to finance some of the companies go fundraise outside of Estonia and some opportunities for VC-s.

So do the following:

  • Mark the date in your calendar – 27.10.2016 9.00 @Swedbank & 18.00 @ Norwegian Ambassadors Residence (details when registered)

  • Go registerHERE

  • Receive further instructions, check updates, and come and join us!

Happy to answer any questions!

Best Regards,

Rando Pärna

Seed Forum Eesti

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