13. veebruar

00:00 — 23:59

Shared Services Forum

Over time, shared services have become more sophisticated. They have been driven forward by advancing technologies and a growing realisation that there are lot of necessary enablers to reaching goals beyond cost reduction & process efficiency. The path is leading SS in the direction of innovation, adding value, portfolio expansion, talent sharing, alignment and entirely new opportunities to enhance the business. 5th Annual Shared Services Forum will shine light on pivotal SS issues of both Today & Tomorrow.
It will give you the chance to examine how to effectively expand benefits in SS & GBS.

What are this year’s highlights?

> The talk: Learn from others about how to grow into a more mature SSO
How to set up the environment for change when economy of scale is not helping performance?
Georgy Orlov, ING Bank
General Manager Global Services & Operations

> P2P – how to enhance the business?
Increasing speed, automation, effeciency and effectiveness in payment processes
Lydia Bals, Bayer CropScience AG
Head of Global Procurement Solutions

> Becoming a strategic partner to the enterprise
Tearing down the barriers – is communication the key?
Martin Kubala, Hewlett – Packard
General Manager, South East Europe