08. veebruar

14:00 — 15:30


Roundtable with the City of London

Mr Jeremy Browne – the City of London’s Special Representative to the EU wants to deepen the City’s engagement with member states and is keen to promote the City – as the world’s largest financial centre – as an asset to Europe, to be admired and valued, rather than resented or tolerated.

We are proposing to  structure discussion into 4 areas:

The City as an Asset: How can the City better support the rejuvenation of Europe’s economy?

The City as a Partner: How can the City better serve and partner with smaller countries like Estonia?

The City in the EU: Where does the City stand on the UK’s membership of the European Union? How might the City change and adapt should the UK vote to leave the EU?

The City of the Future: How can the City, and Europe, stay ahead?