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FINANCEESTONIA FINANCIAL FORUM 2019: The Future of Financing – Amazon, China and Robots?

How will capital flow in the future?

People use a lot of buzzwords to predict the future and describe the potential paths the world of finance may take as it continues to evolve. Much of it seems to be just talk, but there are also real patterns emerging that point to an increasingly efficient and democratic future for the financial sector globally.

We will take you for a ride along the paths of the future and show you if and why traditional financial institutions might lose ground and where new solutions might emerge from surprising sources.

Come join us at the FinanceEstonia Financing Forum 2019!




09.00 Registration and a morning energy boost

Session I – The Evolution of Financing

10:00 Opening Words: Hello, I’m Sophia. Am I going to steal your job?

10:15 Keynote: Global Trends in Financing

10:45 Panel Discussion: ICO = IPO?

11:45 Time for Lunch

Session 2 – Start-upping Big Projects

12:45 Keynote: Architecting for 500M People – How Is the EU Running Big Projects?

13:15 Keynote: Just Another Start-up: Building an 80-kilometer Undersea Tunnel – Romantic Dream or Pure Reality

13:45 Panel Discussion: Removing Government from the Financing Equation – Could That Be the Future?

14:45 Refreshment Break

Session 3 – “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” (Nelson Mandela)

15:15 Keynote: How We Should Think About the Future

15:45 Panel Discussion: The Problem of Financing Innovative Ideas

16:45 The Final Talk

17.15 Closing Remarks

17.30 Networking and Cocktail Party