14. detsember

14:00 — 17:00



EUFCRT meeting [14.00-17.00 CET]

The agenda (attached in full):

  1. Exchange of views on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU [14.00-15.00]

‘Private’ discussion on Brexit

  1. Exchange of views on key EU policy items [15.00-16.00]

‘Public’ discussion on key EU policy items with Martin Špolc, European Commission, DG FISMA, Head of Unit B2, responsible for Economic Analysis and Evaluation, and the Call for Evidence.

  1. Agreement on future collaborative work [16.00-16.55]
  2. AOB [16.55-17.00]

EUFCRT dinner [19.00-21.00 CET]

The dinner will be hosted by the City of London Corporation in the Stanhope Hotel, Rue du Commerce 9, 1000 Brussels. Attendees are as follows: