07. oktoober

08:00 — 17:00

FinanceEstonia, Kapitaliturud

DACH Private Equity Forum


This year’s programme focuses on how the industry is adapting to an increasingly competitive market, where investor appetite is growing but the number of deals are slowing.

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Klaus Bauknecht, Managing Director, Head of Economic and Financial Market Research, IKB Deutsche Industriebank, will be kicking off the day with a presentation on ‘German Growth Prospects – favourable outlook even in the medium term?’. The presentation will focus on evaluating the pace of Eurozone recovery and whether Germany still a safe haven for investor capital.

The Private Equity Leaders Debate: Selecting the best investments across the DACH market, is another hot topic on the DACH Private Equity Forum agenda. Lead by Michael Föcking, EQT, Peter Wirtz, 3i Germany, Dr. Ingo Krocke, Auctus Capital Partners, Hannes Hinteregger, Avedon Capital and Joern Pelzer, Pinova Capital, the debate will focus on four main topics:

Topics being covered at unquote” DACH 2014:

  • Opening address from Dr. Klaus Bauknecht, IKB on ‘German growth prospects-favourable outlook even in the medium term?’
  • The private equity leaders debate featuring speakers from EQT, 3i Germany, Auctus Capital Partners, Avedon Capital, Pinova Capital
  • A case study from a portfolio company ‘Funding growth through private equity investment’. Speakers include Ewald Anger, TNI Medical AG and Uwe Steinbacher, SHS
  • Discussion on how the liquid market for private equity is influencing valuations and impacting on the exit and secondary markets
  • LP perspectives on private equity direct and co-investments, as well as why they are increasing allocations to private equity

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