FinanceEstonia Board approved Area Heads for the next period

On the 21st of November FinanceEstonia Board approved priority niches Area Heads for the next period up to the end of 2014.

The Area Heads are:

Enn Listra from Tallinn Technical University for Human Capital work stream.
Ülo Kallas from Colonna Capital for Capital Markets work stream.
Gunnar Toomemets from Swedbank for International Private Banking work stream.
Erlend Sild from Location Consultancy for Treasury and Shared Services work stream.
Paavo Põld from Northern Star for Funds work stream.

FinanceEstonia CEO, Mae Hansen is pleased that FinanceEstonia has grown into a financial sector leading organisation in Estonia and again the best market experts have agreed to lead the priority niches.  “Rotation in area heads positions in organisation like FinanceEstonia is important for continuous development and innovation,” said Mae Hansen.