Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

The objectives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications is to create overall conditions for the growth of the competitiveness of the Estonian economy and its balanced and vital development through the drafting and implementing Estonian economic policy and evaluating its outcomes.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications elaborates and implements the state’s economic policy and economic development plans in the following fields: industry, trade, energy, housing, building, transport (including transport infrastructure, carriage, transit, logistics and public transport), traffic management (including traffic on railways, highways, streets, waterways and airways), increasing road safety and reducing environmental hazardousness of vehicles; informatics, telecommunications, postal service and tourism; co-ordinating the development of state information systems; research and development and innovation, metrology, standardisation, certification, accreditation, licensing, registers, industrial property protection, competition surveillance, consumer protection, export promotion and trade safeguards; measures regional development and investment, related administration of minimum stocks of  liquid fuel and drafting the respective legislation bills.

Read the collaboration memorandum with FinanceEstonia (text in Estonian).

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FinanceEstonia collaboration partner through co-operation memorandum