Inwise ( is a factoring platform, where companies can sell their receivable invoices at the auction to investors with the highest bid. So Inwise create new short-term investment instrument with a moderate risk and good return. For investors we choose debtors, who are financially sound (for instance retail chains) and only invoices, that are result of normal everyday trade of goods or services.

Our customers are SME companies who are incapable to get working capital financing from the banks due lack of collateral, sufficiant turnover, credit history etc. In Inwise we do not require from seller all before mentioned as we use so called reverse factoring – investors are taking risk against debtors, who are liable for paying the invoice. Invoices will be put at the auction only if debtor has been confirmed the invoice to be true and valid (no disputes and no netting possibility). So Inwise take care of operation risk regarding invoices sold.

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