Corporate Treasury Centers

There are numerous reasons why Estonia is the ideal location for your Regional Treasury Centre.

Labour market
Estonia possesses an educated, skilled and multilingual workforce and ranks #7 globally for Pay and Productivity and #16 for Labour Market Efficiency in the Global Competitiveness Report.

Euro adoption
Estonia adopted the Euro in January 2011, simplifying the capital investment and FX hedging process and creating new opportunities for Euro cash pooling an SEPA implementation.

Competitive economy
Estonia is one of the fastest growing economies in Europe with 7.6% GDP growth in 2011 and ranks #24 globally in the Ease of Doing Business Report thanks to business friendly policymaking and low levels of red tape.


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Tax system
Estonia has a simple, stable system with no tax on retained profits, no withholding tax on interest or dividends and numerous double taxation treaties, facilitating efficient flows and long-term planning.

Low country risk
Estonia has the lowest level of Sovereign debt to GDP in the EU at 6.6% versus an 83.4% average (Q1 2012), a government committed to balanced budgets and AA- credit rating.

Efficient infrastructure
Estonia benefits from a modern business and technological infrastructure, with operating costs significantly lower than its regional peers.