6th of June – The Plenary Day (Swissotel Tallinn)

9:00 Networking and Morning Coffee

9:30 Opening Discussion: What does Estonia have to offer and why one should consider Estonia as a destination for financial services?

Moderator: James Oates, Cicero Capital, CEO
Debater: Priit Põldoja, FinanceEstonia, Chairman of the Board
Debater: Madis Müller, Bank of Estonia, Vice President

  • What tiny Estonia has to offer on an international finance scene?
  • Why one could consider Estonia as a destination for finance services?
  • What kind of policy changes are required in order to make Estonia more attractive in finance world?
  • How to promote advantages Estonia has?
  • Should government take more active ed problems in promoting Estonia and how?

10:00 Capital Markets: Why is local capital market necessary for Estonia and how does that support the internationals who operate in Estonia?

Presenter: Aare Tammemäe, FinanceEstonia, Member of the Board
Moderator: Ülo Kallas, FinanceEstonia, Capital Markets work-stream Leader
Debater: Margus Uudam, EstVCA, Chairman of the Board
Debater: Niklas Johansson, AP2, Member of Executive Board

  • What is your evaluation on Estonian capital markets and what does it require in order to develop further?
  • What could Estonia learn from the experience that other countries have in developing their capital markets?
  • What can the government do in order to activate capital markets? How about the private sector?
  • Why is local capital market necessary for Estonia? Isn’t being particle of a global marketplace sufficient for a tiny economy?

10:50 Treasury & Shared Service: Which are the trends in Global Business Services and how Estonia can differentiate for success?

Presenter: Tom Bangemann SVP, Business Transformation, The Hackett Group
Moderator: Neil Mathieson, FinanceEstonia, Head of T&SSC
Debater: Alain Falys, Co-founder and CEO, OB10 and Venture Partner, Imperial Innovations
Debater: Peter Klingebiel, Konecranes, Head of Financial Support Service Centre

  • What are the key trends in Global Business Services?
  • How are location decisions made and on which factors?
  • How is Estonia perceived in the Global Business Services community?
  • As a small country, can Estonia succeed and how?
  • The role of Human Capital, IT and Government policy in sustaining success?

11:45 Lunch

12:45 Fund Administration: What are the niches in Fund Administration that can be performed out of Estonia?

Presenter: Mihkel Õim, FinanceEstonia, Fund Services work-stream Leader
Moderator: Julia Segerkrantz, Estonian CSD, Managing Director
Debater: Veiko Tali, Estonian Ministry of Finance, Secretary General
Debater: Katre Saard, Alpcot Capital Management Ltd, Founding Parter

  • What are the benefits of having fund administration conducted from Estonia?
  • How does Estonian legislative environment support fund administration?
  • What companies have their fund administration in Estonia and what is their experience?
  • What is our trust level compared to Luxembourg and Ireland, e.g.?






13:45 International Private Banking: What are HNW (High Net Worth) individuals’ needs and how Estonia meets those needs?

Presenter: Gunnar Toomemets, Swedbank Estonia, Head of Private Banking
Moderator: Mae Hansen, FinanceEstonia, CEO
Debater: Kristel Meos, Zenith Capital Management, Partner; Head of Private Banking, FinanceEstonia
Debater: Costa Vayenas, UBS AG, Managing Director, WM Head of EM Research

  • How well are Estonian counterparts on that field prepared to meet the needs of HNW individuals?
  • Estonia is known for it’s high-tech services and infrastructure – how will that help in private banking offerings?
  • What image does Estonia have from trust perspective and how does that affect HNW individuals’ decisions?
  • Are Estonian visa requirements competitive on international private banking market?
  • How do presence of large Nordic banks affect Estonia’s capability to offer services in HNW individuals’ segment?

14:30 Energy Break

15:00 Estonian Start-up’s: What are the Estonian technology start-up success stories and how to create lucrative environment for start-ups and spin-offs?

Presenter: Heidi Kakko, SmartCap, CEO
Moderator: Yrjö Ojasaar, TMK, Chairman of the Board
Debater: Timo Holopainen, Managing Director, Crystalsol

  • Which are the successful Estonian start-up’s and what has led to their success?
  • What measures has Estonia been undertaking in order to create a lucrative environment for start-up business and what are the results?
  • What can multinational companies learn from start-up’s in areas of operations and HR?
  • How could start-up’s be role models for multinationals in their shared service center policies?

15:45 Closing Discussion: What is the future of financial services in Europe and how does Estonia fit into the picture?

Moderator: Edward Lucas, The Economist, International Editor
Debater: Jürgen Ligi, Estonian Minister of Finance
Debater: Graham Bishop, GrahamBishop, Principal

  • What is the outlook for European economy and Euro?
  • What is the role of European financial services at worldwide financial scenery?
  • How can small New European countries contribute in maintaining European financial stability?
  • Will developing countries have a chance to conquer some niches and what these might be?

16:45 Closing Remarks

17:00 End of the Plenary Day